01. Studies have shown that people are more likely to commit [suicide] if there is a gun in the house.
02. The young man became [suicidal] after being mistakenly charged with the murder of his girlfriend.
03. Police were able to prevent an old man who was [suicidal] from jumping off the bridge.
04. Jack Kevorkian is a doctor who helps terminally-ill people commit [suicide] if they so desire.
05. The American Embassy was attacked by a [suicide] bomber who killed himself and twelve other people.
06. The rate of [suicide] among homosexuals is apparently much higher than that of the rest of the population.
07. Actress Marilyn Monroe committed [suicide] by taking an overdose of sleeping pills.
08. Talk show host Phil Donahue once remarked that [suicide] is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
09. In ancient China, people committed [suicide] by eating a pound of salt.
10. Socrates, Nero, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Vincent van Gogh, and Adolf Hitler all committed [suicide].
11. In 1978, the Reverend Jimmy Jones convinced or forced 914 of his followers to commit mass [suicide] in Jonestown, Guyana.
12. Every day in the United States, about a hundred people over the age of 14 commit [suicide], a 50 percent increase in the last decade.
13. In 1996, an Australian cancer victim became the first man in the world to commit legally-assisted [suicide].
14. Studies show that those with a family history of [suicide] are two and a half times more likely to take their own life than are those without such a history.
15. Experts suggest that a [suicidal] person is feeling so much pain that they can see no other option than to kill themselves.
16. The [suicidal] state of mind has been described as constricted, filled with a sense of self-hatred, rejection, and hopelessness.
17. The World Health Organization projects that one million people will die from [suicide] this year.
18. Attempting to commit [suicide] is no longer illegal; however, counseling [suicide] still remains a criminal act.
19. According to researcher Dr. A. Leenaars, the percentage of those who leave notes before committing [suicide] varies from 12 to 37 percent.
20. Experts suggest that a [suicidal] person is feeling so much pain that they can see no other option than to die.
21. David Suzuki has suggested that to destroy our environment with so little regard for our future is a collective insanity that is [suicidal].

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